Remembering Václav Havel

My greatest impossible wish is to meet (have met) President Václav Havel and also the playwright and author Václav Havel.

I was in art college at NSCAD in 1989 when the wall fell in Europe and the Velvet Revolution took place. I was also born in 1968, the year of the Prague spring. These years became significant personally when I moved to live and work in the Czech Republic in 2007.

My experiences in this beautiful country reflects my idealism of Václav Havel’s representation of Czech Republic to the world during his presidency. The people I met were invariably kind, interesting and well educated. I am fortunate to have listened to many stories of what the Velvet Revolution meant to Czechs who were around my age or older when it happened.

These photos are reflections of the memorial gathering on the Castle grounds and at Wenceslas Square, after paying my respects to this great, honest, expressive man who’d given so much light to his country.

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