Rediscovering The Gambia in 1986.

Recently found access to an Epson V700 photographic scanner in a pleasant environment – so I’ve been scanning as much as I can. I have a box of Kodachrome slides donated by my first employers at Japan Camera Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia (thank you, Bill!).

At that time I was 16 and this was my first job. I pestered the staff by hanging around often and reading issues of “The Photo”.

After scoring the job a stranger approached me to sell his Rolleiflex E for $110. I bought it and still have that machine today.

The Rolleiflex and the Pentax ME (and various lenses) came with me on my high school’s trip to The Gambia, West Africa. My employer asked if there’s anything they can contribute. I eyed the bin of 24 ASA Kodachrome and asked for 25 rolls. The store donated me 20 rolls. I was in heaven!

Of course, 25 ASA didn’t work as well for indoor shots, but there was no shortage of film. I purchased rolls of 120 for the Rolleiflex and off I went on my first trip out of the country – to The Gambia, West Africa.

We as students were in the best care of Burris Devanney and the Nova Scotia Gambia Association, which still is active to this day.

Here is a selection of scans from what was a transformative trip for me.

Sunrise from plane.
On our way to London – flying into the sunrise.
London skyline.
London skyline, I believe from the top terrace of St. Paul. 1986
London Tube station 1983
London tube station. 1986
The Gambia Hash Run
In The Gambia, we were crazy hares and my co-students participated in running race.
The Gambia CFAO
I recall this was opposite a bank or supermarket in Banjul.
Abuko Nature Reserve
A visit to the Abuko Nature Reserve. I greatly enjoyed this.
Abuko Nature Reserve, Jungle. 1983
In the Abuko Nature Reserve – jungle and fabulous terrain. 1986
Abuko Nature Reserve, birds. 1983.
Abuko Nature Reserve, from a lookout. 1986.
The Gambia, Banjul street.
“Downtown” Banjul I recall. 1986
Tankular village, 1983.
Halifax was twinned with Tankular village in The Gambia. We presented nets and supplies, and met village elders. 1986.
Sister Muriel.
Sister Muriel, lady’s school. 1986.
Fine chairs.
I think this was at St. Peter’s High School in Lamin. Fine chairs! 1986.


malaria hospital.
We visit the MRC malaria compound.

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